Bad Exercises: What They Are and Why You Should Avoid Them

Bodybuilding has been round for fairly a while now, however we’ve got to be trustworthy and say that the science and innovation has been missing. Not too long ago, many people have been beginning to dig and search the reality about workout routines and vitamin. Whereas some workout routines are inefficient, others are inherently unhealthy workout routines.

On this article we’re going to distinguish the distinction between inefficient and unhealthy workout routines. Furthermore, educate you so you may make the very best choice on which workout routines you must select.

Dangerous vs. Inefficient Workout routines

Earlier than we start to have a look at the elements that make up a foul train, allow us to distinguish between what an inefficient train is, and what constitutes an inherently unhealthy train. On the subject of inefficient workout routines, they may work for sure targets, however we’ve got higher choices. Why carry out them in case you have higher choices?


Examples as an instance this may be squats on a bosu ball, or doing biceps curls whereas squatting. These workout routines will not be essentially unhealthy or dangerous, however we’ve got higher methods of attaining a sure stimulus.

So, they don’t seem to be going to trigger you accidents, or make you worse off, however they merely are a waste of time. There are such a lot of higher choices, relying on what you are attempting to realize.


Alternatively, we’ve got workout routines which are going to make you worse off over the long-term. These workout routines are merely unhealthy. You won’t discover something unhealthy after performing this train for a short time, and even 20 occasions. However, in case you preserve doing this train repeatedly over time, one thing unhealthy will ultimately occur.

It is because you’re coaching an inefficient and dysfunctional motion sample that may have an effect on your motor patterns. In consequence, it could have an effect on the way you truly transfer your physique.

A typical instance of that is to retract your scapula whereas doing dumbbell lateral raises. The explanation some trainers are telling you to do that is in an try to get rid of your traps from the motion.
In the identical means, many inform you to retract your scapula earlier than you carry out a dumbbell or cable row on your lats.

With out going deep into biomechanics and anatomy, what this does is that you’re forcing your physique to maneuver in a means it isn’t designed to maneuver in.

Which implies we’re performing dysfunctional motion patterns.

By going towards the way in which our our bodies are designed to maneuver, we additionally have an effect on our physique’s means to create stability and output, and likewise go towards how our joints are made to maneuver.

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Workout routines That Go Towards Purposeful Motion

functional movement

What we really imply by “unhealthy” workout routines are workout routines that go towards useful motion. Extra particularly, performing actions that go towards how our our bodies are designed to operate. You may survive with out accidents for some time, however inevitably these “unhealthy” workout routines will result in long-term injury.

Additionally it is vital to keep in mind that simply because an train won’t be essentially the most environment friendly workout routines, we can not soar straight at it and label it as unhealthy. Like we mentioned, there’s a large distinction between an inherently unhealthy train, and easily an environment friendly one.

Frog Pumps

One other instance of a foul train is the Frog Pump. We see many individuals use this train in an try to coach the glutes. When in actuality, this train fully goes towards our joint mechanics, and the operate are glutes are designed to carry out.

To start with, the frog pumps jam the joints.

Additionally they put an amazing quantity of strain on small muscle tissue that aren’t designed to have a whole lot of pressure undergo them, with out the help of the encompassing and stabilizing muscle tissue. These muscle tissue are being inhibited due to the place you set them in.

Keep away from the Frog Pump in any respect prices, except you need issues together with your hip joint. With that a lot exterior rotation within the femur, whereas making an attempt to get most hip extension, we principally jam the hip joint.

Not solely that, however there’s additionally little or no stress within the glutes with this train. By limiting the gluteus maximus or the butt as we all know it, it limits the quantity of stress we will create down there.

As a substitute, we’re placing a whole lot of stress on the sacrum. Which is a small bone that connects the backbone and the pelvis.

Thus, the frug pump is solely a foul and dangerous train. They prepare dysfunctional motion patterns and might trigger long-term injury from steady use. As a substitute, attempt to go for a glute bridge. This places your glutes in a means higher place to create stress.

Curtsy Squat

A Curtsy squat nevertheless, shouldn’t be essentially a foul train, slightly an inefficient one. The reason being that we can not load it a lot, and stability rapidly turns into a difficulty. We will prepare the glutes within the absolutely lengthened place with a Curtsy squat, however load and stability are the limiting elements.

So long as you keep inside your lively vary of movement, this train is not going to damage you, however once more, you may have a lot better choices.

You could possibly use the Curtsy squat to coach your glutes within the lengthened place, however a hip-dominant leg press is a way more secure possibility.

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With this in thoughts, we will see the significance of taking a look at these items in context. We don’t wish to simply soar to conclusions and label workout routines as unhealthy, if they’re truly simply inefficient. There are various workout routines we don’t advise individuals to do, and it could be the case with your self.

That doesn’t imply that an train is essentially unhealthy, however slightly that we’ve got higher choices after we program and design coaching plans.

We advocate workout routines which are going to be essentially the most environment friendly for ourselves and also you.

Sissy Squats

The Sissy Squat is an train that we’ve got been requested about steadily. On this train your toes are locked down, shins are vertical, and you’re sitting again and down in knee flexion. Individuals usually marvel if it is a nice train, and if it absolutely lengthens the quads.

It isn’t a straight-up unhealthy train.

The Sissy Squat positively trains and hundreds our quads, but it surely additionally requires a whole lot of stability within the pelvis and trunk. Furthermore, we have to give attention to the coordination of our motion after we carry out it, rather more so than in a hack squat.

Whereas it isn’t a foul train, it isn’t an train that we select to advocate when programming coaching plans. It is because we can not get as a lot output from our quads as we wish, and it requires a whole lot of stability.

We can not get that a lot output as a result of we’re not in a position to load the quads due to the required coordination and motion.

Not solely that, however we can not get out quads absolutely lengthened in a Sissy squat, as a result of we’re in a hip flexion. The one means we might be capable of get a completely lengthened knee place, is we might principally should be laying on the ground. We now have to cease lengthy earlier than that, and moreover we’re leaning and balancing ourselves.

Due to this fact, we by no means actually advocate for Sissy squats. Once more, it isn’t a “unhealthy” train, however there are higher methods to coach the quads. When you love the train, and wish to use it as an possibility to coach the mid-range, be happy to take action! However remember its limitations.

Dangerous Workout routines for Health Objectives

Under we’re going to listing three extra workout routines which are merely harming your physique. These embody Mendacity Cable Lateral Raises, Jefferson Squats and Guillotine Press.

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Mendacity Cable Lateral Raises

You might need tried this your self, or seen others do mendacity cable lateral raises. At first look, you may assume it helps you with stability. However the reality is, after we are laying on our backs, we inhibit the pure motion of our scapula. In flip, this impacts our means to supply pressure and stress.

Whilst you could really feel a stronger sensation in your shoulder, that is truly your nervous system screaming at you. It’s telling you that your scapula shouldn’t be in a position to transfer the way it needs to maneuver.

As a substitute, attempt to do Inclined Incline Lateral Raises. It will show you how to with stability and never restrict your scapular motion.

Jefferson Squats

One other unhealthy train is the Jefferson Squat. If you wish to construct greater legs, keep away from this train. There are just too many issues that go towards useful motion when doing Jefferson Squats.

To start with, your backbone is twisted whereas being loaded. Additionally it is laborious to load your glutes and quads due to the issue with stabilizing your pelvis on this place. Furthermore, you possibly can rapidly go outdoors of your vary of movement in case you have unhealthy mobility. Lastly, in case you have quick arms and an extended torso, it will likely be very troublesome to even carry out the train.

Guillotine Press

The guillotine press shouldn’t be solely unhealthy on your shoulder well being, but it surely doesn’t even correctly prepare your pecs. Whenever you put your arms perpendicular to the bottom like that, they don’t align with the way in which the fibers in your pecs pull.

In different phrases, there isn’t any place in bodybuilding for the Guillotine Press. If you would like a much bigger chest and more healthy shoulders, steer clear of this train.


When trying to perceive which workout routines are unhealthy and which of them you must keep away from, it is very important perceive some fundamental human anatomy. You need to see when sure workout routines are merely inefficient and you’ve got higher choices, and after they truly go towards the useful motion of our our bodies. It’s after we pressure our our bodies to go towards their pure motion that we’ll undergo from accidents down the highway. This highlights the significance of understanding our our bodies when making an attempt to construct them!

Thanks for studying our article!

– Terry Asher

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