Can Continuous Glucose Monitoring Help You Lose Weight?

A Steady Glucose Monitor, also referred to as a CGM, is a well-liked tech instrument that displays blood sugar in real-time and transmits the quantity to an app in your cellphone. Except for being massively instrumental in managing diabetes and prediabetes, the final client market has picked up this gadget for different well being issues—together with weight reduction and behavior change.

Regardless of its major position in diabetes and prediabetes administration, a steady glucose monitor might profit somebody who needs to make use of this gadget for a preventative function somewhat than in a while as a illness administration instrument.

Deepti Agarwal, MD, the Director of Interventional and Integrative Ache Administration at Case Integrative Well being, believes that is the case.

“Most of us acknowledge a CGM within the context of being diabetic and managing blood sugar; nevertheless, a CGM is a lot greater than that! It’s a wearable gadget for anybody that desires to know what the state of their metabolic well being is,” Dr. Agarwal tells us.

“The info [you get from the CGM] slowly helps drive behavioral change, one of the crucial vital steps in taking management of our metabolic well being. For instance: take discover of what going for a stroll after a meal does, or what pairing a high-carb meal with fiber can do to your glucose ranges. All this helps you develop habits that optimize your well being and weight!”

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Why put on a CGM if you do not have diabetes?

Even when you do not have to always monitor your glucose ranges, understanding how your glucose ranges change relying in your weight-reduction plan and exercise can provide you perception into the best way to develop wholesome habits.

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Dr. Agarwal explains, “A CGM can assist you see how your physique processes glucose, how your numbers change primarily based on the meals you eat and the actions you interact in, and even how your blood sugar responds to emphasize. The knowledge needs to be interpreted intelligently and with moderation since not all wearables are going to offer excellent information. It is vital to recollect to not take the instrument as an indictment in your physique—merely as a tenet to try your way of life and information on how one can enhance.”

These findings would possibly beg the query: Is there anybody who could not profit from sporting one in every of these units? Dr. Agarwal states, “The one caveat I’ve about sporting the CGM is that the instrument might not be useful or useful for somebody who suffers from an consuming dysfunction.”

Actually, this type of information could also be triggering for people with a background of any disordered consuming behaviors. Discuss along with your healthcare group earlier than making the choice to check out a CGM gadget by yourself.

Can CGMs assist with weight reduction?

Sporting a CGM and amassing a lot details about your each day behaviors might make you extra conscious of how your way of life decisions have an effect on you. The analysis reveals that self-monitoring is likely one of the main habits that people can create to keep up their weight reduction outcomes.

Sporting a CGM is one kind of self-monitoring, just like logging your meals or weighing your self. Nonetheless, this know-how is kind of new, and we’d like extra analysis on the final inhabitants earlier than we draw definitive conclusions.

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“Since your glucose and insulin ranges can have an effect on your weight, many individuals are utilizing it solely as a weight reduction instrument. It tracks your glucose ranges all through the day, which might present perception into how your weight-reduction plan decisions are affecting these ranges,” registered dietitian Melissa Mitri, MS, RD tells us.

The way forward for customized medication

Customized medication is a growing discipline that creates an individualized method to medication. This method typically makes use of a mix of weight-reduction plan and way of life adjustments which are uniquely crafted primarily based on one’s way of life, lab work, important indicators, genetics, microbiome, and extra.

Dr. Agarwal explains that sporting a CGM “might assist create a extra customized weight-reduction plan plan on your personal weight reduction wants. Extra analysis is required to show CGMs instantly result in weight reduction, however the information offered from utilizing them could also be useful for these searching for extra customized diet.”

Customized medication and CGMs serve the bigger function of stopping illness states by detecting the indicators early on. “Quite a few people do not realize that many ailments start with irregularities in blood sugar. This causes irritation within the physique and is a significant driver of continual ailments, together with diabetes, most cancers, sexual dysfunction, infertility, weight problems, Alzheimer’s, despair, and coronary heart illness,” says Dr. Agarwal.

She continues, “In truth, Alzheimer’s illness was just lately known as Kind 3 Diabetes. Aka, it’s extremely linked to metabolic dysfunction. So why not monitor glucose the best way we monitor our energy, coronary heart price, and sleep? This is a crucial preventative instrument and is a pillar in training customized medication. The extra information you possibly can collect about your well being, the extra you possibly can take into consideration the best way to defend it. A very powerful asset we now have is our well being, and the return on funding reveals up a few years later, so why not begin investing in it now?”

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