Is Bajra Good for Weight Loss?

The Pennisetum glaucum crop, or pearl millet, is called Bajra in India. Additionally it is generally known as bulrush millet, dukn, cumbu, gero, sanio, kambu, and babala.

Bajra is often cultivated in Africa and India and is available in varied colors. The colors are white, yellow, gray, brown, and bluish-purple.

Based on research, bajra is a millet having a superb dietary profile and an exceptionally excessive stage of fibre.

It’s a slow-digesting starch, which takes longer to transform into glucose, supplies vitality and aids in weight reduction. Additionally it is a viable gluten-free possibility.

Bajra for Weight Loss – An Overview

Bajra, wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals, has many therapeutic qualities. The grain can be good to your coronary heart as a result of it has essential nutritional vitamins like vitamin B6 and minerals like magnesium and potassium. Moreover, it aids in decreasing blood sugar ranges and ldl cholesterol.

Bronchial asthma sufferers would possibly profit from its excessive antioxidant content material. Helping with digestion and bowel actions, it helps prevents weight acquire.

Is Bajra Good for Weightloss?

Analysis means that together with complete grains with a low-calorie density in your food plan, like bajra, could also be useful if you happen to’re making an attempt to shed extra pounds. The calorie density of bajra is 1.2. Bajra is a top-notch, gluten-free supply of fibre that aids in weight discount and upkeep.

Complete grains are filled with phytonutrients, which operate in our our bodies as antioxidants. As well as, Bajra has a hint factor, zinc, which can be essential for human well being. Because of this, bajra is a incredible various if you happen to’re making an attempt to regulate your food plan to shed extra pounds.

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Bajra is wealthy in phytochemicals, polyphenols, and antioxidants. All of which have the potential to reinforce well being in several methods. Nonetheless, as per a research, the helpful polyphenols in bajra forestall some minerals (iron and zinc) from being absorbed into your physique. Thus, it’s important to eat bajra in reasonable portions, in order that it could possibly profit your well being. 

Advantages of Bajra for Weight Loss


Normally, gluten-free meals are wholesome for you. They help in stopping celiac illness, through which gluten consumption damages the small gut.

Moreover, you can’t eat gluten when you have celiac illness. As a gluten-free meals, bajra is superb for these with celiac illness.

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Helps Handle Diabetes

Bajra has a considerable amount of magnesium, which helps to manage the physique’s glucose receptors. Wealthy in fibre, it additionally aids with weight management, which is essential when you have diabetes.

Aids Digestion

Bajra is stuffed with insoluble fibre, which facilitates digestion. Moreover, it lessens the discharge of bile acids and reduces the incidence of gallstone growth. Fibre-rich meals are wonderful to your digestive system.

Coronary heart-Wholesome

All grains are helpful for coronary heart well being, and bajra is not any exception. It lowers blood stress and aids within the clean operation of the cardiovascular system since it’s excessive in magnesium. Because of this, it reduces your probability of a coronary heart assault or stroke.


Bajra can be a excessive supply of protein. Since they help muscle development and tissue therapeutic, proteins are generally known as the physique’s “constructing blocks”. Subsequently, you need to incorporate protein into your food plan. 

Methods to Eat Bajra?

Listed below are some methods of consuming bajra:

Bajra is a flexible ingredient that you may substitute rather than wheat flatbread, rice, quinoa, oats, and different grains. 

  • Earlier than cooking, soak the bajra for a couple of hours in water: Carry 2 cups of water and 1 cup of millet to a boil. Then, decrease the warmth to a simmer and proceed cooking for about quarter-hour. A light-weight, fluffy grain ought to outcome from this course of. 
  • You’ll be able to embrace as much as a further cup of water, milk, or broth to make your bajra extra porridge-like. To carry out the grain’s wealthy, nutty style, chances are you’ll toast the dry millet for a short time earlier than including the liquids.
  • Bajra will get continuously processed into positive flour appropriate for making roti and different flatbread. In lots of recipes, bajra flour replaces different flour to supply pasta and truffles. 
  • You may as well eat bajra as a puffed millet bag that tastes very like popcorn. However, once more, you possibly can both buy it or make it at dwelling.

HealthifyPRO Tip

You’ll be able to eat bajra in many various methods, significantly as flour. Rotis produced from this flour are a extra nutritious possibility than bread. Nonetheless, taking note of how a lot bajra you eat is essential as a result of it’d have an effect on your well being. Common consumption of bajra would possibly lead to constipation due to its excessive fibre content material. 

Bajra or Jowar – Which is Higher for Weight Loss?

It’s a widespread query that perplexes many. One of many healthiest cereals on this planet is jowar. Additionally, jowar has a a lot higher content material of dietary fibre when in comparison with bajra.

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By stopping starvation pangs, the excessive fibre content material promotes greater satiety ranges, which reduces consumption. Because of this, it helps folks shed extra pounds by stopping them from consuming too many energy. Moreover, it’s wealthy in important nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Jowar is grown virtually all over the place, however bajra is primarily grown in particular websites in Africa and India beneath sure climatic circumstances. Jowar has a variety of phenolic parts not seen in Bajra. 

The Conclusion

Bajra is a excessive supply of insoluble fibre that minimises the chance of gallstone growth by reducing bile acid output.

Because of this, consuming bajra can keep away from issues like bloating, fuel, cramps, and bowel points. Total, it promotes weight administration and should even facilitate weight reduction.

As well as, it may give you safety in opposition to a number of well being points like celiac illness and heart-related circumstances.

Nutritionists suggest thrilling methods to include millets like bajra into your food plan. Strive experimenting through the use of it rather than quinoa or rice in your favorite grain-based meals.

You’ll be able to even guide a private session with consultants at HealthifyMe to know the meals combos that work greatest for you.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I eat bajra day by day?

A: Sure, you possibly can eat a small quantity of bajra day by day because it has many advantages, together with weight reduction. However bajra rotis have a tendency to lift physique temperature within the warmth, which some people could discover unsettling, so watch out.

Q. Which is greatest for weight reduction: bajra or jowar?

A: The high-quality fibre in jowar aids digestion, fights weight problems, and maintains wholesome blood sugar ranges. Contrarily, bajra has little carbohydrates and is excessive in nutritional vitamins, minerals, important amino acids, insoluble fibre, protein, and different vitamins. Because of this, it helps regulate blood sugar ranges. Nonetheless, jowar has the sting over bajra resulting from its vary of phenolic parts which aren’t in Bajra. Each are gluten-free choices. Additionally, jowar and bajra each assist shed extra pounds.

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Q. What occurs if we eat bajra day by day?

A: Based on analysis, consuming complete grains like bajra repeatedly could assist keep away from continual ailments like diabetes, coronary heart illness, and a few malignancies. Nonetheless, bajra rotis have a tendency to extend physique temperature which some folks could discover uncomfortable.

Q. Is bajra heavy on the abdomen?

A: Sure. Because of their excessive fibre content material, grains take longer to transit from the abdomen to the intestines. On this method, bajra successfully suppresses urge for food for an prolonged interval whereas being easy to eat. 

Q. Which is best: ragi or bajra?

A: The first distinction between bajra and ragi is that bajra is a standard millet that’s a lot simpler to get and is utilised by folks on a big scale. Nonetheless, regardless of being a more healthy possibility, ragi is more difficult to get available in the market than different millets. Ragi is commonly hulled earlier than utilization because the backside of the grain is tough to digest. It has began to be mixed with different grains like rice and wheat to create regional dishes like idli, upma, and rotis.

Q. Who mustn’t eat bajra?

A: In case your thyroid gland isn’t functioning proper, you shouldn’t eat bajra since it could possibly worsen issues and result in different metabolic issues. Moreover, you need to keep away from it when you have a digestive drawback.

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