Kelp Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Kelp (Laminaria) is a kind of brown seaweed that normally grows in giant underwater forests. Whereas seaweed can develop in practically any sort of saltwater or freshwater, kelp is discovered solely in saltwater, usually alongside nutrient-rich, chilly, rocky coastlines. There are about 30 totally different types of kelp. Kelp offers diet for a variety of sea life. Folks additionally eat this leafy seaweed, due to its excessive dietary worth.

Kelp—together with different sorts of edible seaweed—has been a staple within the Japanese weight loss program for lots of of years. Now this meals has grow to be frequent in different elements of the world, due partially to the recognition of kelp noodles.

Kelp Diet Info

The next diet data is offered by the USDA for 1 cup (15g) of dried seaweed.

  • Energy: 44.7
  • Fats: 0.6g
  • Sodium: 86.2mg
  • Carbohydrates: 7.9g
  • Fiber: 0.8g
  • Sugars: 0.5g
  • Protein: 4.8g


The carbohydrate content material of dried kelp is low, with underneath 8 grams in a full cup. Of this, underneath 1 gram comes from sugar and fiber.


There’s little or no fats naturally present in kelp though it could be added throughout cooking.


Dried kelp has virtually 5 grams of protein per cup.

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals

Kelp comprises many essential nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with nutritional vitamins Okay, A, C, and E along with folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. It additionally offers small quantities of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid.

Iodine is a mineral that is current in excessive quantities in kelp. Different minerals embrace calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus.

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Well being Advantages

Kelp is excessive in dietary worth as a result of it’s extremely low in energy however full of fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, which provide varied well being advantages:

  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that will assist forestall sickness or illness
  • Calcium: Aids in bone well being
  • Iron: Vital for wholesome blood and illness resistance
  • Magnesium: Important for lots of of biochemical reactions in your physique
  • Iodine: Crucial for the manufacturing of thyroid hormones and to take care of a wholesome metabolism

Promotes Weight Loss

Some analysis has steered that the kind of fiber present in seaweed, together with kelp, might assist with satiety and feeling of fullness, which can assist folks eat fewer total energy. Seaweed itself is low in energy and fats, and one of many antioxidants present in seafood, known as fucoxanthin, might also assist with weight reduction.

Lowers Most cancers Threat

Whereas extra analysis is required, three compounds present in seaweed have proven some preliminary promise in preventing most cancers:

  • Fucoidan, a kind of fiber present in seaweed
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Polyphenols (antioxidants)

Lowers Excessive Blood Strain

A few of those self same compounds, similar to fucoidan and fucoxanthin, might also assist individuals who have hypertension. Folate, as nicely, has been proven to assist preserve wholesome blood strain, and seaweed generally is a good supply of this B vitamin.

Allergy symptoms

Allergy to kelp or different seaweed is uncommon, however attainable. For those who expertise signs of meals allergy after consuming kelp (similar to swelling or rash, particularly across the mouth), seek the advice of a health care provider.

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Hostile Results

Kelp is probably going secure when consumed within the quantities usually present in meals. Nevertheless, the excessive quantity of iodine and probably heavy metals in kelp might be detrimental to your well being for those who eat an excessive amount of, particularly within the type of dietary supplements.

Your really useful every day consumption of iodine depends upon your age and intercourse. Most adults want 150 micrograms per day. The higher restrict (essentially the most that must be consumed in a day) is 1,100 micrograms.

Because the iodine content material in kelp and kelp merchandise varies, it may be unclear how a lot iodine you’ll eat once you eat it. Consuming an excessive amount of iodine may cause critical detrimental well being results, similar to goiter, thyroid gland irritation, and, in extreme instances, thyroid most cancers. Publicity to heavy metals may hurt thyroid perform.

For these causes, well being specialists advise that pregnant or breastfeeding ladies and people with kidney or thyroid problems, similar to hyperthyroidism, keep away from consuming kelp.


There are totally different types of kelp, one in all which is kombu. Kombu is the Japanese phrase for kelp, normally the Saccharina japonica species.

Uncooked and dried kelp and kelp noodles are discovered in lots of specialty markets. Kelp noodles can be present in some grocery shops and supermarkets within the Asian meals part. You may also purchase kelp and kelp noodles on-line.

Notice that the diet of kelp noodles will fluctuate based mostly on the product that you just purchase and the recipe you employ. Manufacturers with simply kelp, water, and sodium alginate (a pure hydration agent that’s extracted from brown seaweed) might be low in energy, carbs, and fats whereas nonetheless providing among the dietary advantages of plain kelp.

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Storage and Meals Security

Dried kelp and kelp noodles are normally packaged with the intention to hold them in your cabinet for about six months, so long as they’re unopened. You’ll be able to hold contemporary or rehydrated kelp within the fridge for just a few days.

The way to Put together

Uncooked kelp can be utilized in stir-fry dishes and soups, added to salads, or included in smoothies. Dried kelp might be added to the pot when cooking dried beans to boost taste and make them much less gas-causing. It can be used so as to add taste to soups and broths.

Kelp noodles might be consumed chilly or heated, however it’s best to rinse the noodles earlier than consuming. Strive including them to inexperienced salads, utilizing them as a pasta different, or tossing with sauteed veggies and a protein.

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