Lagging Body Part Training: What You Need to Know, Part.2

Within the earlier article, we talked concerning the significance of frequency and execution when working with a lagging physique half. On this article, we’re going to discover this matter additional. Now, with extra deal with structural limitations, vary of movement and our capability to contract these weak muscle tissue.

Structural Limitations and Vary of Movement

Different issues to consider once we are working with lagging physique elements, is whether or not you’ve got any structural limitations which can be affecting the muscle’s capability to work. As an example in case your vary of movement could be very unhealthy. Then, there are excessive possibilities that one thing is perhaps off with the encompassing muscle tissue.

You may need a weak antagonist, synergist or another surrounding muscle tissue. Consequently, your capability to contract the muscle you are attempting to enhance, will undergo. It’s because our capability to contract any muscle not solely is dependent upon the muscle itself, however the surrounding ones as effectively.

As an example, allow us to say you’ve got very tight hamstrings and a foul vary of movement in them. Most of the time, there are in all probability some points surrounding the hamstring muscle. It could possibly be the antagonist, stabilizer muscle tissue, or one thing else, that’s giving suggestions to the mind. They’re mainly saying to your mind to not allow you to go any additional, not enable any extra vary of movement.

The reason is, we’ve not constructed stability to contract the joint at that time within the motion. In flip, it will clearly shorten your vary of movement, and reduce your capability to contract the muscle.

Swap Your Focus

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This implies, if we’ve bother creating a sure physique half, we’d need to deal with citing a unique tissue altogether. It might for instance be the antagonist or the synergist.

Somebody who has tight hamstrings, and lacks a spread of movement of their hamstrings, may really need to deal with one thing else to develop them. They could have to enhance the depth of their contractions in rectus femoris, hip flexors or their knee extensors.

Possibly even enhance the gastric for knee stability. There are such a lot of totally different prospects.

The secret is to seek out the weak hyperlink within the chain, which could possibly be the principle explanation for a scarcity of vary of movement. And likewise the flexibility to contract within the hamstrings.

Execution and Lagging Physique Elements

In the identical manner, we will enhance execution. In a whole lot of instances, what we really must deal with if we need to enhance execution in a given muscle, is definitely a unique muscle. We’ve got to take a number of steps again, and decide workouts that enable us to take the weak muscle via the total vary of movement.

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From there, get actually good at contracting within the extremes of the ranges. Finally we will see that the well being and mobility of those joints enhance. Along with our capability to contract these muscle tissue.

Once more, we’re a unique case with the identical precept. Typically the lagging physique half will not be not the problem itself, however a byproduct of some issues in a unique place.

Elevated Quantity With a Lagging Physique Half

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If we’ve a lagging physique half, we often have a poor capability to contract and a restricted vary of movement. Thus, including extra quantity can change into contradictory. In essence, when you find yourself coaching with a weak muscle group, you’re frequently exposing your physique to a spot the place it lacks stability and power.

By rising quantity and never really going to the foundation of the issue, you’re simply rising your physique’s reflexes to guard itself from going someplace it doesn’t really feel secure. Possibly the vary of movement will enhance for that muscle in a given exercise, however over time it’s going to simply maintain getting worse.

This will likely result in extra joint instability. Additionally, with elevated repetition, the computation patterns will develop. Consequently, the physique will naturally attempt to incorporate an elevated quantity of surrounding tissues. Basically, as a result of it’s really attempting to keep away from this place you take it to.

Finally, it turns into a behavior. Unconsciously, your physique will maintain altering up the approach for this motion, doing every part it will probably to keep away from it. Something it will probably so that you can keep away from contracting this weak tissue. And to keep away from taking the joints into positions it doesn’t really feel secure in.

After all, there are lots of ways in which folks try and take away these inhibitory responses. However they’re simply quick-fixes and can make it worse down the highway.

As an example, folks will use a tennis ball to therapeutic massage a sure tissue, foam rollers, and plenty of different strategies. Something that sort of pauses these safeguards for a number of moments. After doing that, it will probably make you suppose “oh wow, now I can get a full vary of movement on this train.” When in actuality, it will probably make you extra susceptible to damage.

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Risks of Not Fixing the Root Downside

It’s completely essential to go the principle root of the issue, which most of the time, is one other muscle group. Normally a surrounding muscle group. Then, enhance your execution in that muscle group, in addition to your stability and skill to contract these muscle tissue.

If you happen to keep away from this, you’re simply permitting extra room for damage. Not solely that, however you’ll go down the rabbit gap of getting to heat up and foam roll for an hour earlier than really beginning your exercise.

Reality being instructed, in case you are wholesome and your coaching is nice, warm-ups ought to be minimal. If not, nearly non-existent. The perfect warmup is mainly simply stepping into the fitness center, and go straight to the train you’ll carry out. Thus, warming-up and getting ready in your exercise along with your first train. After all, not going to 120 lbs dumbbells instantly, however doing a number of units to arrange for the masses.

Coaching Squats

Allow us to assume you’ll do squats, then it’s best to go to the squat rack immediately. And never spend hours operating on the treadmill, foam rolling and ab workouts. If you must do these items earlier than squatting, they’re in all probability part of the weak hyperlinks of your squat. Weak hyperlinks that you haven’t improved and addressed.

Which means, if you must frequently do these so-called “activation workouts”, and another warm-up methods, you’re in all probability avoiding the principle drawback.

Subsequently, including all of this heat up is mainly simply including a bunch of pointless quantity. Clearly, it isn’t the identical quantity as once we exercise, or have a really taxing metabolic exercise, however it positively steals your time. Time that you might really spend on understanding, recovering or spending with your loved ones.

Frequency and Execution

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Whether or not we need to enhance a lagging physique half or a structural steadiness, it comes all the way down to the identical precept. We should always deal with frequency and execution. Equally vital is being trustworthy with oneself, and digging deep into what your principal limitations are. The causes could possibly be many, subsequently it is important to take a look at our antagonist muscle tissue, synergists, stabilizing muscle tissue, and any surrounding muscle tissue of the weak hyperlink. Something that entails the train or muscle we try to get higher at.

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Unquestionably, any of the mentions above might have an effect on your vary of movement and skill to contract your weak muscle tissue.

As we’ve seen when a muscle is weak, most frequently, it isn’t solely that muscle tissue’ fault. You may want to enhance execution in surrounding muscle tissue, or all sides of a particular joint. Thus, in case you are missing mobility someplace, chances are high it’s good to enhance contractability and power on the other aspect.

By fixing that one missing half, fairly often your mobility will enhance. Moreover, your capability to contract that muscle.

Keep away from Quantity

Subsequently, once we are engaged on bettering a lagging physique half, it’s not often a good suggestion so as to add extra quantity. Except you’ve got already attacked the weak hyperlink and improved the areas we’ve talked about. Even at that time, the place quantity may not be detrimental, there could possibly be extra environment friendly methods to enhance the weak hyperlink. After all, with out including quantity till every part is in steadiness.

Unquestionably, there’s a time and place for rising quantity. Typically it’s essential so as to add extra quantity to attain a sure stimulus. However, when the time and place will not be proper, there may be not often any profit to simply throwing on a great deal of quantity.

A majority of the time, an elevated quantity of quantity the place it isn’t wanted turns into detrimental. Subsequently, if you wish to enhance a lagging physique half, it’s best to deal with frequency and execution.


It’s clear that whether or not we need to convey up a lagging physique half or enhance structural mobility, we have to discover the principle drawback. Nearly all of the time, it’s really the encompassing or stabilizing muscle tissue that occur to be the weak hyperlink. As an alternative of throwing a bunch of quantity at these, and creating extra unhealthy habits, we have to take a number of steps again and enhance these. Extra particularly, enhance our power and skill to contract these weak hyperlinks all through their complete vary of movement. In flip, our mobility and lagging physique elements will naturally enhance.

Thanks for studying our article!

– Terry Asher

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