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The physique mass index (BMI) is a means of understanding whether or not a person’s weight is in a wholesome proportion to their top. A BMI studying can estimate any weight-related well being dangers one may face.

For many adults, a BMI worth within the low vary alerts that they’re underweight or malnourished. On the similar time, a excessive BMI alerts your dangers of coronary heart illness, diabetes, and sure persistent circumstances associated to being overweight or chubby. However, BMI isn’t an completely dependable evaluation for each physique sort. 

With extra improvements and analysis within the healthcare area, consultants imagine that though BMI is without doubt one of the elementary methods to evaluate wholesome physique weight, it has its limitations. Therefore, This text will show you how to study extra about BMI, BMI chart, and extra.

BMI – An Overview

A health care provider often measures a affected person’s weight and top to calculate their physique mass index or BMI. It’s a statistical index that makes use of weight and top to estimate physique fats in grownup men and women of any age. In different phrases, BMI tells whether or not or not an individual is at a wholesome weight for his or her top. 

The taller an individual is, the extra they’re anticipated to weigh. Everybody’s rating will fall someplace on the BMI scale, which classifies the measurement as underweight, wholesome, chubby, or a stage of weight problems. 

A wholesome BMI ought to fall between 18.5 and 24.9. If an individual’s BMI is decrease than 18.5, they’re thought-about underweight. If an individual’s BMI is 30 or larger, they’re thought-about overweight.

BMI is a useful metric to provide medical doctors and healthcare professionals a normal concept of a affected person’s well being, however it isn’t the be-all-end-all of well being metrics. There are different important components to think about when creating a care plan for a affected person. 

HealthifyMe creates a medium that may present extra detailed details about a affected person’s BMI and different essential well being metrics. For instance, one can use the BMI calculator to evaluate their BMI readings. 

Calculate Your Physique Mass Index (BMI)

How Can I Provoke my Health Journey with HealthifyMe?

As soon as you put in the HealthifyMe app and choose a plan, you may select your well being and health coach, who helps carry your BMI to a standard vary.

There’s a vary of premium choices to assist tens of millions of shoppers obtain their targets. If you’re uncertain in regards to the plan that fits you the very best, you may speak to a senior coach to determine the very best HealthifyMe premium plan primarily based in your physique sort, BMI, life-style, weight acquire historical past, and medical circumstances (if any).

There’s no one-size-fits-all. The thought right here is to supply customised steerage primarily based in your particular wants and necessities. Do not forget that what works for an individual with a excessive BMI might not work for somebody with a low BMI. 

The principal function of the HealthifyMe app is to enhance physique and well being metrics by means of personalised options, thus equipping you to take care of a wholesome BMI.

BMI – The three Ratios to Measure Your Well being & Health ranges

How one can Calculate BMI?

Looking for a free BMI calculator on-line is the simplest technique to calculate your BMI. As soon as you discover one, all you might want to do is enter your weight and top.

You possibly can manually calculate BMI by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by the sq. of your top (in metres) or BMI = Kg/M^2. Since top is usually measured in centimetres, there’s an alternate BMI calculation method of dividing the load (in kg) by the peak in centimetres squared after which multiplying the end result by 10,000. 

For instance, if an individual weighs 64 kg and is 1.9 metres tall, their BMI is:
  • BMI = 64 ÷ (1.9 x 1.9)
  • BMI = 64 ÷ 3.61
  • BMI = 17.7
If the peak is in centimetres:
  • BMI = 64 ÷ (190 x 190)
  • BMI = 64 ÷ 36100
  • BMI = 0.00177 x 10,000
  • BMI= 17.7

In US models, the load is in kilos, and the peak is in inches. So, divide the load by the overall inches squared after which multiply the end result by 703. Or BMI = (W ÷ H^2) x 703

Suppose an individual weighs 184 kilos and is 5 ft, 10 inches tall. Discover the overall inches by multiplying 5 by 12 and add 10 to the ensuing determine. 

  • 5 ft, 10 inches = 5×12 + 10 = 70 inches
  • BMI = (184 ÷ 702) x 703
  • BMI = (184 ÷ 4900) x 703
  • BMI = 0.3755 x 703
  • BMI = 26.4
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Common BMI estimates apply solely to adults. Nonetheless, these indicators won’t provide the appropriate outcomes should you’re pregnant or lactating. However, having a excessive BMI earlier than being pregnant or throughout early being pregnant can have an effect on your being pregnant. 

Moreover, the BMI calculation for youngsters and adolescents can also be not evaluated utilizing these thresholds however will get thought-about relative to others of the identical age and gender.

BMI Chart for Males and Girls

A BMI chart helps decide your BMI weight class, wherein you will discover your top (in cm or inches) on the left column after which transfer throughout the row to search out your weight. Then, transfer up the chart desk to find your BMI rating and weight class. Or meet the 2 factors (your top and weight) within the graph to search out your BMI. 

There are two BMI charts. One is when an individual’s weight is 250 lb (113 kg) or beneath. In case your weight is over 250 lb, take a look at the second chart. The chart differentiation is to depict average weight, chubby, or weight problems similar to your weight. 

As per the information, the usual weight standing classes as per BMI are as follows:

BMI Chart – The Best BMI Vary for Males and Girls

BMI Weight customary
BMI lower than 16.5 Severely underweight
Under 18.5 Underweight
18.5 to 24.9 Wholesome weight
25.0 to 29.9 Obese
30.0 and above Weight problems
30 to 34.9 Weight problems class I
35 to 39.9  Weight problems class II
BMI better than or equal to 40 Weight problems class III (often known as extreme, excessive, or large weight problems)

Analysis suggests that folks with larger BMIs (BMI ≥30) are extra vulnerable to health-related problems, together with diabetes. 

One other examine additionally reveals that BMIs over 25 result in coronary heart illness and hypertension. Additional, being severely underweight (BMI ≥16.5) can also be a danger for untimely dying, typically much more so than being chubby. 

The CDC recommends a BMI-for-age calculation in youngsters and adolescents between the age of two and 20. It’s as a result of youngsters’s physique fats differs with age, and girls and boys present completely different progress charges. 

The BMI calculation is similar for ladies and boys, however there are separate BMI progress charts for ladies and boys. 

The BMI percentile scale for youngsters is as follows:

BMI (youngsters) Weight customary
Under the fifth percentile Underweight
fifth to eighty fifth percentiles Wholesome weight
eighty fifth to ninety fifth percentiles Obese
Higher than the ninety fifth percentile Overweight

If you’re of Asian origin, the BMI classification varies from the usual feminine and male BMI chart. Asian persons are vulnerable to accumulating intra-abdominal fats at a decrease BMI than folks of Caucasian origin. So, the thresholds for the chubby and overweight classes are decrease. 

For instance, in Hong Kong and Singapore, a BMI of 23 falls beneath the chubby class, whereas in america, a BMI rating of 25 is taken into account chubby.

For Asian and South Asian populations:

BMI (Asian and South Asian) Weight customary
BMI between 23 and 24.9 Obese
BMI better than 25 Weight problems

The HealthifyMe Be aware

The BMI chart is usually for adults aged 20 and older and is similar for grownup women and men. BMI calculations are adjusted for gender after they’re for youngsters and teenagers. Furthermore, the pediatric BMI chart permits comparability between youngsters of the identical intercourse and age. Since particular person variations exist, BMI isn’t at all times the correct technique to classify an individual as overweight or malnourished.

BMI Limitations and Issues

Whereas BMI is a place to begin to display for an unhealthy weight-height ratio that will result in well being points, it’s usually not a dependable or real looking estimate. 

That’s as a result of BMI calculations don’t think about age, gender, physique body measurement, muscle mass, genetic components, bone density, exercise stage, or fats distribution.

Subsequently, even when your BMI is within the regular vary, you can nonetheless have excessive visceral fats for the reason that take a look at doesn’t account for fats. As well as, BMI assessments fail to observe the truth that being skinny doesn’t essentially equal being wholesome.

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BMI additionally doesn’t think about muscle mass. Muscle weighs greater than fats, so you probably have toned muscular tissues or raise weights, your BMI rating might be excessive even should you’re not chubby or overweight. 

For instance, an athlete with a excessive BMI will nonetheless be metabolically wholesome and have little visceral fats. In order per the BMI requirements, even a leisure athlete with barely above-average muscle mass may fall into the chubby class. 

Girls usually have extra physique fats than males. Nonetheless, BMI doesn’t appropriately measure this physiological physique fats proportion distinction between men and women. 

Along with gender-based fats distribution, BMI fails to think about ethnic disparities in physique fats. Therefore, BMI is a flawed strategy for the explanations given above.

Higher Measurements of Well being

If you don’t imagine that Physique Mass Index (BMI) isn’t a very correct technique to measure your well being, there are different instruments to evaluate your indicators of wellness and physique fats ranges. Even when your BMI isn’t excessive, you need to focus in your metabolic parameters to amass a wholesome weight. 

The HealthifyPro 2.0 programme by HealthifyMe might help you assess your ‘metabolic well-being’ by means of real-time insights into your Glucose ranges and a whole well being screening throughout 85+ well being parameters. 

This skilled well being programme features a Sensible Scale that breaks down your physique weight into 12+ parameters like physique fats, muscle mass, protein, hydration, and extra. Your Sensible Scale measures your progress and helps you lose the proper of weight inside the precise length.

You solely want a easy Bluetooth connection to sync your Sensible Scale along with your telephone (iOS and Android). Together with BMI, HealthifyMe Sensible Scale helps you observe weight, physique fats, visceral fats, BMR, metabolic age, muscle mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fats, and skeletal mass. 

A one-on-one session with the HealthifyMe well being coaches might help you design a food regimen and coaching routine tailor-made to your particular BMI wants.

HealthifyPro and its improved model, HealthifyPro 2.0, can help find what meals give you the results you want, what don’t, what you might be doing mistaken, and the way a lot you need to train. Regardless of whether or not you will have a excessive BMI or not, the Professional plan nudges you to make more healthy meals selections all through the day. As well as, monitoring your blood sugar in real-time might help fine-tune your consuming habits, cut back calorie consumption and probably shed weight.

Since every consumer is completely different, the app gives a customized food regimen to assist shed weight, attain good metabolic well being, and have a wholesome BMI vary. The coaches are simply accessible and supply well timed steerage on the actions you need to do.

As well as, you may immediately message them on the app if you really feel one thing is mistaken. As famous earlier, pairing the good scale with the HealthifyPro app reveals you the load (proportion) you will have misplaced and the way way more you might want to lose. And upon getting the info, you might be one step nearer to attaining a great BMI. 

There are some BMI chart alternate options you should utilize.

Waist Circumference

Measure your waist circumference midway between the ribcage’s backside area and the highest of your hip bones. You should be respiration out and hold the tape measure parallel to the ground if you measure. 


  • Elevated well being danger: ≥80cm
  • Excessive well being danger: ≥88cm


  • Elevated well being danger: ≥94cm                  
  • Excessive well being danger: ≥102cm

Waist-To-Hip Ratio

Aiming to scale back the waist-to-hip ratio is best than attempting to decrease BMI. To measure, discover your waist circumference and hip measurement on the widest a part of your hips. Then, divide your waist circumference by your hip measurement to get a ratio. 

In girls, a ratio better than 0.85 is unhealthy. For males, the waist-to-hip ratio should be lower than 1.00. 

Handbook monitoring and calculation is an enormous dedication and time-consuming. However now, with on-demand well being and health apps like HealthifyMe, you may obtain weekly well being standing experiences with technology-augmented insights. Additionally, it helps you higher handle your day by day routine and try in direction of a more healthy one.


The BMI, or physique mass index, measures your physique fats primarily based on top and weight. BMI doesn’t measure physique fats immediately, however it’s useful to estimate whether or not you might be carrying an excessive amount of weight on your top. BMI is used to display for weight classes that will result in well being issues, however it isn’t a diagnostic software. 

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For instance, a BMI of 25-35 is taken into account wholesome for most individuals, however this vary could also be too excessive for some folks, particularly those that are muscular or athletic. A BMI over 35 might enhance the danger of persistent well being issues.

If you’re involved about your weight, you need to seek the advice of a physician or healthcare skilled. The professional coaches at HealthifyMe might help you perceive the affect of food regimen and life-style on BMI and supply a personalised food regimen and health plan to succeed in your goal weight purpose. 

A subscription to the HealthifyMe app is the simplest technique to construct total well being and health.

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is an efficient BMI for a girl?

A. Docs think about 18.5–24.9 because the average BMI vary for girls. A BMI of 30 or above might signify weight problems. Nonetheless, the BMI isn’t an correct reflector of physique fats if a girl is pregnant, lactating, or over 60. In such circumstances, measuring your belly circumference, waist-hip, or waist-height ratio is the best choice.

Q. What is an efficient BMI for girls my age?

A. For most girls within the grownup age group, a great BMI is within the 18.5 to 24.9 vary. Nonetheless, some Asian girls come beneath the chubby class if their BMI is 22-25 and overweight if their BMI is round 26-31. Then again, older girls do higher if they’ve a BMI rating between 25 and 27. Furthermore, if you’re an older grownup, having a BMI beneath 23 or above 33 poses well being dangers. 

Q. How a lot ought to a 5’5 feminine weigh?

A. A 5′ 5″ feminine ought to weigh round 51.2/62.6 kg or 113/138 lb. Nonetheless, your ideally suited weight is determined by age and physique composition components like bone, muscle, and fats content material. So, this worth is an approximate weight that you need to preserve.

Q. How a lot ought to a 5’4 feminine weigh?

A. In accordance with the peak weight chart, a mean 5′ 4″ feminine’s ideally suited weight could be between 49/59.9 kg or 108/132 lb. Nonetheless, your weight can fluctuate from this worth relying on a number of components like age, physique body, food regimen, medical historical past, and life-style. 

Q. How a lot ought to a 60-year-old lady weigh?

A. The best weight for older girls varies in response to top and body measurement. For instance, a 60-year-old lady who’s 5 ft 2 inches tall has a fascinating physique weight vary of 108 to 143 lbs, whereas a 5-foot-6 lady of the identical age has a wholesome weight vary of 120 to 159 kilos.

Q. How a lot ought to a 67-year-old lady weigh?

A. The typical lady of 67 years weighs 166 lb or 75 kg. Nonetheless, it’s completely different for girls with smaller physique frames. Your racial and ethnic background performs a component too. For instance, most Asian girls weigh round 140 lb or 63 kg at 67 years. 

Q. What’s an unhealthy weight for a 5’ 4 feminine?

A. For a 5′ 4″ feminine, a weight beneath 49 kg or 108 lb is unhealthy. On the similar time, weighing greater than 59.9 kg or 132 lb also can result in weight-related well being dangers. Subsequently, the perfect weight vary for a 5′ 4″ feminine is round 49/59.9 kg or 108/132 lb. 

Q. What’s a wholesome physique weight for five 5?

A. As per the height-to-weight ratio chart information, the wholesome physique weight for a 5′ 5″ feminine is 51.2/62.6 kg or 113/138 lb. For males of the identical top, weighing round 55.3/68 kg or 122/150 lb is wholesome. In addition to the wholesome weight tips for men and women, the perfect weight also can rely upon the physique sort and exercise stage.

Q. What is an efficient weight for a 5-foot-tall lady?

A. The wholesome weight for a 5-foot-tall lady can differ per the physique body. For instance, a small-framed 5-foot-tall lady ought to weigh about 90 kilos or at least 40.8 kilograms, whereas a medium-framed lady of the identical top ought to ideally weigh 100 lb or 45 kg. And a large-framed 5-foot-tall lady ought to weigh about 110 kilos or 49.9 kg. Subsequently, the perfect weight of a 5-foot-tall feminine is between 40.8 kg to 49.9 kg.

Q. How a lot ought to a 70-year-old weigh?

A. At 70 years previous, the perfect weight of a mean man of top 157-172 cm could be between 141-157 lb or 64-71 kg. Nonetheless, the vary can go as excessive as 172-197 lb or 78-89 kg if the particular person is of a giant body with a top of greater than 6′ 2″. The typical weight for girls at 70 years previous is round 160 lb or 72.5 kg.

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